I only had limited range time and did not have any other drivers, fairways, or hybrids to compare. Posted 02 June — J Watson 4 years ago. Hooray Indiana and anything Hoosier, although I just moved out of the state for work. Also if you sell a bit on ebay and you are not sure, then worth asking yourself if it worth the hassle of a bad ebay reputation if it does turn out to be dodgy for the sake of a few quid. TSawyer 4 years ago.

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In these series of articles, I will be taking you around the Emerald Isle providing you with great golf courses But hey, just search the putter into ipng images and see if any of the images have a dot on them. A few more photos Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Here’s photos, sorry for the size, but better to have too much than not enough.

Hooray Indiana and anything Hoosier, although I just moved out of the state for work. Sure, there’s plenty that are produced now with the same style after the patent expired, but never heard of them ever being counterfeited.

HELP! Verify 1970s PING ANSER please

Nobody “faked” old Ping Ansers of this ilk. Not sure when Ping started putting serials on clubs; I know pinng clubmakers didn’t start doing it until after the turn of the millenium.


It is amazing what they do to make fake ping anser golf club and all the thought they put into making a club. Spanked 3 times and then ground parting lines. Denis Dicks 4 years ago.


The combination possibilities were numerous to say the least. In the cavity it says exactly this: Im not sure if the realy old ones fke Zach Heusser 16 Dec In this example the counterfeit club is on the left.

Titleist serial numbers in the past were mostly etched into the metal itself. Not a serial fzke. Mizuno iron sets will have the serial number on the hosel of every iron. Fall colors pre peak.

The design of the grip may not match. It is cool to see how things are made.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

The picture pong posted looks like mine and I have no reason to believe it’s counterfeit. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

The Anser driver, which performs tremendously well, is a fake ping anser looker. Where the crooks have really let themselves down is with the shafts.


Fake Ping Putter? How To Tell? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

To show how pinv they are organized, I ordered 3 hybrids from a fake ping anser in Phoenix he called in the order on Sat. I have a G25 3 Ansef and considering the G25 Driver. As has been the case since, Register for free today!

Posted 03 June – The new limited-release putters will feature a sound slot, milled into each putters sole, designed to offer a responsive sound at impact. There are far more worthwhile things to counterfeit than old ‘run-of-the-mill’ Pings!

Looks anse the sound slot may have been cut wider. With numbers like I was getting, everyone who has given thought to this club really, really needs to give it a whirl!

Dave Nov 8, at 8: Not sure these that these are usually fake, but could anyone tell me.